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Chandra DeBuse Ceramics

Set of 4 Broomcorn Texture Brushes

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These broomcorn brushes were created by artisan broom maker Brian Newton of Broomcorn Johnnys. They were made exclusively for Chandra DeBuse Ceramics using grade 1 broomcorn and adjustable tension bands. they are based on traditional Japanese hakeme brushes. You will receive four brushes in this set.

1 narrow brush, Approx 9 inches long

1 wider brush, Approx 9 inches long

1 long brush, Approx 14 inches long

1 brush with 2 cut ends, Approx 6 inches long

The small tension bands cinching the broomcorn in the center are adjustable so you can create a stiffer or looser spread for your brush. Slide it toward the center of the brush for a looser, softer stroke. Slide it toward the end of the brush for a stiffer stroke. It works best if you slide the tension band once or twice and keep it there, as repeated adjusting can damage the brush fibers.